Silence of the Lamps

An attempt to expose the state of lighting in our streets. Our streets are not illuminated, making it unsafe for you as a pedestrian, cyclist, motorist, and commuter. Covered here are 1200 streetlights along a 15 km stretch of Outer Ring Road. Scroll down to see it yourself


This stretch has several large apartments, large supermarkets and shops. Only 33% of streetlights are lit in the evening. The darkest spots are along the service roads, a serious risk to safety as these roads are used bi-directionally.


Home to 10 techparks, a college, a hospital, a mall, and several apartments. Flyovers are the worst lit, with one in complete darkness. Less than 20% of this stretch is lit.

HSR-Iblur Road

Probably the brightest stretch with a score of 55%.

Agara Lake

Most of the road along the Agara Lake is completely neglected and is in complete darkness. Driving at night is worsened due to poor state of roads.

HSR-Silk Board Junction

The road connecting HSR BDA junction till Silk Board has < 42% of streetlights lit.


Made possible by Mapbox and OpenStreetMap. If interested to know about this project, you can get in touch me on Twitter @anindita_nayak

Functional streetlights
Defunct streetlights